Part review – The 555 Precision Timer

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John Boxall

Person. Founder and original author for VK3FJBX

2 thoughts on “Part review – The 555 Precision Timer

  1. Dale

    Man, this chip has been around since I started my interest in electronics back in the 70’s!.

    I have to say that I initially had a lot of trouble with the original chips that were none cmos and caused nasty glitches on the power rails, which would affect other logic on board. Later of course I learnt better about supply decoupling.

    These days, I would probably not consider using one in favour of a sub $ micro like a pic10 or pic12.

    Its horse’s for course’s though and if you want to do something without software then this my do the trick.



    1. John Boxall

      Hello Dale
      Yes, it is like the VW beetle of the electronics world, old, simple, reliable, still works as it should. However, for some applications you can’t beat it – e.g. one-shot timers triggered by a MCU – cheap multitiasking!
      Thanks for dropping by


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