Part review – The 555 Precision Timer

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  1. Man, this chip has been around since I started my interest in electronics back in the 70’s!.

    I have to say that I initially had a lot of trouble with the original chips that were none cmos and caused nasty glitches on the power rails, which would affect other logic on board. Later of course I learnt better about supply decoupling.

    These days, I would probably not consider using one in favour of a sub $ micro like a pic10 or pic12.

    Its horse’s for course’s though and if you want to do something without software then this my do the trick.



    • Hello Dale
      Yes, it is like the VW beetle of the electronics world, old, simple, reliable, still works as it should. However, for some applications you can’t beat it – e.g. one-shot timers triggered by a MCU – cheap multitiasking!
      Thanks for dropping by

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