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Today I am going to introduce something quite different, yet hopefully interesting to you out there. The renowned director and cinematographer Karl von Muller has just released the trailer for his upcoming documentary titled “State of Electronics” – a discussion on the Electronics Industry in Australia. Although the focus is on the Australian electronics scene, much of the content and discourse within the documentary can be related to by those from many other countries.

However, Karl can explain it better:

After several months of researching, interviewing and filming, I’m excited to present the first public Trailer to my new Documentary “State of Electronics” – A discussion on the Electronics Industry in Australia. Even though the documentary is focused on Australian Electronics Design and Manufacture, much of it applies to all countries from around the world.

The discussion is focused initially on the world of Hobby Electronics and how it’s decline could affect the Electronics Industry in the future. The Documentary then discusses many issues that face industry including the issue of “Repair and Recycle”, “Education”, “Surface Mount Technology”, “Globalisation”, “Opportunities” and many many more off the cuff & candid comments from Industry professionals.

The Documentary features interviews with famous Australians and Industry professionals including Dick Smith, Dave L Jones, Doug Ford, Leo Simpson, Grant Petty, Matthew Pryor, Jonathan Oxer, Andy Gelme, Andrew Griffiths, Eugene Ruffolo & Bill Petreski. In the future, I am planning to interview just a few more before the final release of the Documentary soon.

Shot completely on the Canon 5DMK2, using the Zoom H4N Audio recorder. Directed, Edited and shot by Karl von Moller, this version of the trailer is largely ungraded and only has an FCP sound mix applied. Music track is composed by Karl von Moller also. Enjoy!

Please visit karlvonmoller.com for more on the progress and information on “State of Electronics”

Here is the trailer for your enjoyment, on Vimeo or YouTube (below):

As an Australian, an educator and an electronics enthusiast, I encourage you to view the trailer and share it with as many people as possible. If you have contacts in the broadcast media, please talk to them about this documentary and suggest it for screening.

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  1. This is a great idea. As you say, the report on E. will be the same for a lot of countries.

    Thank you for sharing this video John (and many thanks for the great work and all the hours you spend putting stuff on your website)



    • Thank you Gilles.
      Yes, it will be a great documentary, we’re all looking forward to it very much.
      When it is released, Karl will put it on Youtube – will let you know when.

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