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July 2011 Competition Results

Competition over.

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John Boxall

Founder, owner and managing editor of

4 Responses to “July 2011 Competition Results”

  1. Rich Carthew says:


    Thanks again for your ongoing efforts!

    I always enjoy taking some time to follow through your excellent work.

    Just this week I was reading through the Snootlab Rotoshield tutorial while sitting in the shade in one of my favourite Manhattan parks, cool!



    • John Boxall says:

      Thanks Rich for your feedback.
      Sounds like a nice place to be. I must be the only Australia who hasn’t visited New York lately, must get over there one day.

  2. John, for the next competition, you can add :
    “What great products are famously made in Toulouse, France and exported around the world?”, answer: “Snootlab Arduino Shields”
    Fred ;)


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