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The site is on hiatus for a while during change of ownership.

What is tronixstuff.com?

Since 2010  – site founder John Boxall has been writing about various fields of electronics, such as:

  • Electronics kit reviews. Learn about various kits so you can be prepared, understand how they’re assembled and level of difficulty. 
  • Arduino tutorials. There’s a complete series of tutorials – over fifty chapters – that will help anyone progress from zero knowledge to a confident user of this open-source development platform.
  • Product reviews. We’ve reviews items from simple multimeters to top-level digital storage oscilloscopes and everything in between.
  • Projects. These are a wide random variety of fully documented projects that are suitable for everyone.
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Promotional Considerations:

Some products used in various articles have been promotional considerations and are noted as such in each article.


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Information on tronixstuff.com is provided on the basis that all persons accessing the site undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content. You undertake any projects or instructions at your own risk. Furthermore stay away from mains-rated current as it can kill you, instead contact a licensed electrician.