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The Arduino Yún is a fascinating evolution of the Arduino series of development boards. Not only is it the equivalent of the Arduino Leonardo board, the Arduino Yún also has a tiny computer running a Linux distribution based on OpenWRT named Linino. This may sound like an added layer of complexity – but nothing could be further from the truth.

The Arduino team have partnered with various organisations to make using the Yún as easy as possible. For example they have partered with Temboo who have generated over one hundred APIs that allow your Arduino Yún to connect to service such as Gmail, Dropbox, ebay and more. Even if you’re not into cloud computing, you can upload sketches to an Arduino Yún via WiFi, which is pretty handy in itself.

Arduino Yun Yún front

Finally, for the curious Yún means “cloud” in Chinese – an apt name, as the Yún will get your connected to the “cloud” in no time. For a more detailed overview of the Arduino Yún, check out the video from the Arduino team:

We have published a few introductory tutorials which can be found below. However thanks to the incredibly inexpensive and easy-to-use ESP8266-based products we now consider the Yún to be a dead product and have finished with it.

The Arduino Yún tutorials

First Look – Introduces the Arduino Yún and shows how to connect it to the Internet via your network connection and test the APIs are working. Please follow this tutorial before choosing any other Yún tutorials.

Arduino Yun WiFi sketch upload Yún

twitter – Learn how to send tweets from your Arduino Yún, including simple messages and data gathered from your sketches, external sensors and so on.

Arduino Yun twiiter

Google Docs – Learn how to send data from your Arduino Yún to a Google Docs online spreadsheet – in real time!

Arduino Yun Google Docs Spreadsheet data

Google Mail – Learn how to send an email from your Arduino Yún using a Google Mail account (such as Gmail or Google Apps mail) containing text or data.

arduino yun email demonstration

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