About tronixstuff.com

Originally created by John Boxall in 2010 to document random electronics learnings and Arduino tutorials, the site has been operating for over ten years to inform, educate and sometimes frustrate (not on purpose) site visitors.

Over the next few months, we are editing and updating existing articles Рas well as introduce new tutorials Рto make tronixstuff.com a learning resource for everyone from beginners onwards.

In the meanwhile, we ask for your patience while the update process takes place. In the near future we will be looking for new authors to contribute articles and tutorials on a paid basis. We will announce when the hiring process commences via twitter and a blog post.

Contact and Technical support

Please select the appropriate email address for your issue. If you email the wrong address your email will be deleted:

  • For anything to do with what is on the tronixstuff website – email admin@tronixstuff.com
  • If you have purchased something from pmdway.com or have an enquiry about products on that website, email support@pmdway.com
  • If you have purchased a copy of the book “Arduino Workshop” by John Boxall and wish to report an error, or need to download code etc., visit https://nostarch.com/arduino-workshop-2nd-edition
  • You can now follow John Boxall using twitter at @makerboxall


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