Arduino Tutorials

We have been updating our Arduino tutorials – this is our list of completed work in reverse chronological order. To keep up with new posts, join our email update list using the form on the right-hand side, or follow us on twitter – @tronixstuff.

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Tutorial – Arduino and Four Digit Seven Segment Display Module

Tutorial – Using DS1307 and DS3231 Real-time Clock Modules with Arduino

Tutorial – L298N Dual Motor Controller Modules and Arduino

Tutorial – PCF8574 backpacks for LCD modules and Arduino

Arduino Tutorials – Chapter 42 – Numeric Keypads

Arduino Tutorials – Chapter 22 – the AREF pin

Arduino Tutorials – Chapter 16 – Ethernet

Arduino Tutorials – Chapter 30 – twitter

Arduino Tutorials – Chapter 15 – RFID

Tutorial – Arduino and the TLC5940 PWM LED Driver IC

Tutorial – Arduino and the MAX7219 LED Display Driver IC

Using older Noritake Itron VFD modules

Tutorial – Arduino and PCF8563 real time clock IC

Tutorial – 74HC4067 16-Channel Analog Multiplexer Demultiplexer

Tutorial – Arduino and the TI ADS1110 16-bit ADC

Tutorial – Arduino and PCF8591 ADC DAC IC

Tutorial – Arduino and MC14489 LED Display Driver

Arduino and KTM-S1201 LCD modules

Hewlett-Packard 5082-7415 LED Display from 1976

Arduino and TM1638 LED Display Modules

Tutorial: Arduino Port Manipulation

Tutorial: Maximising your Arduino’s I/O ports with MCP23017

Tutorial: Arduino and Thumbwheel switches