Education – Soldering is Easy!

Soldering to some people can seem scary and dangerous. And if done incorrectly, or in the wrong state of mind, and/or with the wrong equipment – it can be.

A fine person by the name of Andie Nordgren has come up with a comic flyer that explains soldering in a very easy to understand method. Andie has been a champ and placed it into the public domain, so please print it out, email it, and generally distribute it far and wide.

More about the comic and Andie at their blog here. Have fun!


And here is the pdf version of the comic.

Personally I highly recommend the use of a third hand. Furthermore, the use of a fume extractor… just blowing away the fumes isn’t such a good idea. A good extractor isn’t that expensive, a little noisy, but definitely worthwile.

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